My Blogging Experience!

You think it’s easy? I want to see you start you own blog and have it up and running within the next four months including promotions and integrations as well.  During this course this semester, I created my own blog (something I could have never imagined myself doing).  Now that all the work is finally done, it may seem easy, but boy let me tell you how much of a work load it actually is.


     Not only did I have to find and research topics that I felt would interest other people about social media, but I had incorporate social media into my blog as well.  The research and writing papers was the easy part.  Being that I am very quiet and shy out about my life, the hard part was integrating social media simply because I had to promote my work from my blog onto all of my social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, and Foursquare.  Yes I am aware that my blog is called social butterfly, but that was a motivational way for me to keep focus and be comfortable with sharing my work for class online.  The second hardest part about blogging is finding a perfect template and layout because those are the things that represent me on the web when people follow my blog.   I had no idea why I pick animals for my layout, but as I think deeply about it is simply because that went hand in hand with my title being social butterfly being that there were different type of animals hanging out with one another.   In my sense that is me hanging out with a mixed group of people like friends getting to understand their culture and religions and finding ways for to make our friendship last.  The colors also represent me as well because they are so soft, but strong colors and that is exactly how people view me.  I am very quiet and soft spoken but I have a very strong personality.


How did I like the course?  Let’s see at first I thought it was so aggravating and annoying because of the amount of work and time that was needed for my blog.   Now that it’s done I am so happy that I completed it because it showed me that yes I may be shy, but social media is very important in any business in today’s society, so I needed to start opening up somewhere to prepare me for the future.  I think this class helped me understand social media in so many ways and makes me question a little more about social media, but it also had some many perks for it as well.  After seeing how much traffic I was able to get to my blog and actually like and re-blog my post makes me want to continue this whole life, but I don’t know if I am cut out for it.  So at this point I am not completely sure what I am going to do with my blog yet, but I’ not ready to just cut off the people who took time out of their day to read my post and follow my blog.  Stay tuned to figure out what’s next on Social Butterfly.  This was a awesome experience for me because I never would have been able to do it on my own!

We have completed all the assignments and met all the requirements for each assignment including our podcast.  In my opinion recording our own podcast had to be the hardest assignment because we had to record for over 5 mins without making any mistakes because I didn’t have  a way to block out my mistakes so I have at least 30 recordings and I messed up somewhere all the lines.  Once the recording is done I felt accomplished because even though it took a while I finally was able to complete the assignment on my own and I had fun doing it.  Below will be a video of my podcast.  Hope you guys enjoy and Thank You for following my blog!!!


Pinterest during the Holidays??? NO WAY!!!!!

Did you know that Pinterest users spend the most money during holiday’s seasons?  I bet you didn’t, I find this to be very interesting but in many ways it is expected as well.  After reading an article by Andre Bourque, I learned that this is most popular because there are decorations and holiday food that people fall in love with and pin to their board and actually end up buying it for the holidays.  “Nearly one in five social network users spend more money during the holidays because of things they see on Pinterest, and 59 percent specifically said they have purchased something during the holidays that they saw on Pinterest”(Bourque).

Another interesting thing that I learned from this one article is that most social media users spend most of their time on social networking sites during the holiday seasons.  Now I know most of you wonder why I am so interested in this, so let me tell you.  I expect people to be on social media because they are on it EVERY single day, but the holiday time is when we are suppose to be “ spending time with our family”.   How can we possibly spend time with our family if we spend more time than usual on social media?  Why do we spend so much time on social media?  I can only answer the second half of the question because of my research. We spend so much time on social media during the holidays to find perfects gifts for our friends and family by seeing what other people are posting or baking.  We only look for ideas and we find them social media, so this is why we spend so much time on social media.

In conclusion, I want my blog readers to try and make an effort to be different this holiday season and spend more time with your family than on social media.  Life is too short to be on social media during this holiday seasons, so why not just share it with the people you love.  TRUST me social media will still be there when you return.  Thank you for all the support and most importantly HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!


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Appreciation post for Thanksgiving:

ImageDear followers,

For this post, I just want to take the time out to wish my followers a happy thanksgiving! I also want to let you guys know how thankful I am for all the followers that I have received during this time period.  It really means a lot to me because you guys don’t have to follow me, but you did and I may not communicate with you guys a lot but I do hope that you guys understand and enjoy the things that I have been posting about social media. I hope to get some more feedback from you guys even over the holidays, but if not it’s no big deal this is the day to spend time with the people we truly care about and love so deeply and I’m pretty there won’t but much time for social media while all that amazing food is around leaving a great big aroma.   Gooble Gobble the turkey is waiting for us both, so we better waiting!!!! Talk fast!!!


Ecommerce and Social Media


                Social media is becoming a big hit with many different things as most of us discovered recently.   One thing that I never realize was that social media is starting to affect ecommerce sites in so many ways.  Ecommerce is commercial transactions that are conducted electronically on the internet.  With that being said, our favorite stores that we like to shop at online are the one being affected most through social media.  For example, every time I get onto a social media site like Facebook for  example on the right hand side after they show you suggestions they have pages that you might be interested in to like.  ON my Facebook in particular they always invite me to like the JCPenny page.  I find that to be a little bit interesting because that is one of the stores that I love to shop in, and I actually got my first credit card from them. 

                I read this article called “5 Ways Social Media Will Increase Your eCommerce Business.” This article talks about how social media today give business owners an opportunity to gain an insight of what customers are looking for and increase their opportunity of getting more customers.  Increasing customers is pretty easy now because all we have to do is advertise all over social media sites and we will find customers that we are not able to reach through local advertising.  The first way we make this happen is because we have users create live profiles that tell us exactly what each person wants.  This helps out the business a lot especially when they have great offers for customer’s people will share the deals and then they gain more visibility.  There are three other ways this article shows ecommerce in social media which are: finding your target market is more accessible through social media, being involve on the social media so customers can see that their company is to loyal to their customers, and lastly is providing quality content on the site to get information needed to get customers attention on social media. 

                I found a paper on EBSCOhost that discusses the impact of social media on E-Commerce. As social media becomes increasingly popular, online marketers are investing in ways that utilize social media and engage online consumers. Online marketers’ adoption of new online marking trends is prompted by findings that indicate people are spending significant amounts of time socializing online. In addition to advertising and promoting on social media, online retailers have found that social network platforms are a great place to interact and communicate with online consumers effectively and efficiently. As well, people are constantly gaining new ways of experiencing online product search and recommendations, all of which influences online buying decisions. This MEC research paper presents a brief survey and investigation on how the emerging social media can impact E-Commerce, especially with regards to marketing practices. An impact analysis method is also proposed based on the four major perspectives of social media’s impact on E-Commerce’s success.  I think is very interesting because about anything we do now a days is letting people know what we like and what we don’t like.  It’s like we are letting them know ahead of time to make products that they target market like not what they think we like.

                Another article that I found talks about how certain stores online like J.Crews makes tons of money by posting their entire fall catalog onto social media sites like Pinterest and Twitter.  They also talked about Amazon and eBay making tons of money people making their sites easy to use.   This is a big step for Amazon because when this site was first started they were just selling books, but it wasn’t going as well because of electronics like Kindle and then Amazon opened up their selections and now they sell anything you can possibly think of.  “In the same way that Amazon.com slowly but surely conquered books, eCommerce as a whole and beyond, social networks like Twitter and Pinterest and niche social shopping sites like Wanelo and Fancy are the likely torch bearers of online shopping dominance.”  I think this is one of the smartest things a business person can do and actually make a profit off of.  People are becoming very wise with technology and social media and are actually starting to benefit in many ways. 

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Dedication to Promoting a blog is very time consuming!! Are you ready to Promote???

Social-Media promotionThey are many methods used to promote your blog.  The most popular way for people to promote their blog is to announce it all over social media.  Once somebody reads your blog and finds it interesting they would share your post and it will become more noticeable and popular.  The most popular social media used for blogging is both Tumblr and Twitter as of right now.  Another way people promote their blog is to comment on other people’s blog about their work and when you’re done you invite them to check out your blog leaving a link for them to get to your page.  Lastly, I am not sure how effective this method can be, but you can promote your blog through email as well.  I think this way would be pretty easy because you can send it to friends who can send it to friends who can send it to even more friends just like the way it is done through social media.  “Enable Email This Post. If you use Email This Post on your blog, people will be able to forward your posts to friends. This might not have an immediate impact on your site stats, but it enables others to publicize your blog for you.”

I used two out of the three methods listed above.  When I first created my blog and twitter, I had to integrate my twitter page onto my blog as well.  After I integrated my twitter page, I put a link on my page and asked all my friends to check out my blog and tell me what they think.  This was a big step for me being that I made my blog for class I didn’t want my friends on both Facebook and Twitter to see all my work and the nerdy side of me, but at the end of the day my work turned out to be very well, so I am proud to share that with my family and friends through social media.  The second method was a little hard to implement at first because you have to find a blog that is interesting, but relates to your blog page as well.  I say this because when you go to comment on somebody else’s blog post you want them to be interested in your topics so your comment have to be smooth and relatable to get on the topic about your personal blog.  Twitter for example has many different components to it.  The first component is pretty popular and this is what everybody uses just to tweet.  The other component of it is ads to promote things like your blog or any business in particular.  Twitter has a way to help get everybody’ name into the public.  “Twitter connects businesses with customers to drive meaningful conversations. But how does a business or brand then turn those conversations into site visits, leads and, ultimately, revenue” ( Felson)?  I like this quote because it shows that they would go miles to help anybody promote anything besides a blog.

The second method I used to promote my blog is Tumblr.  I never had a Tumblr, but we had to find a new social media that we have not yet used to implement into our blog, and I decided Tumblr is a pretty good way to do that.  I think this is the most convenient way because this social media in particular is used and most known for blogging.  The thing that might be hard for me with Tumblr is actually finding friends that I may or may not know.  This may be hard because I don’t know many people who actually still have and use this social media in particular.  The good thing about it is that I will have multiple people that I don’t know which will make my promoting interesting because I would really have to find ways to interest my friends to get them to go to my WordPress and read my post about social media.  This can be hard being that I don’t know these people so it may not be as easy as it was for me when I was promoting through Twitter and Facebook.  Sometimes the hardest part about promoting people’s blog’s is getting them to leave comments instead of just likes throughout the who blog, so I guess my mission will be getting people to do both things like commenting on my blog and liking my post as well.

I implemented another way to promote my blog.  The way I did this is by going on to wordpress and searching blogs through this blog looking for people that blog about all the different forms of social media and how it is affecting our life.  The first blog that I read was called Social Media Week, and this blog talked about how listening for tends, styles, and product insights is less expensive now than it was many years ago when they had to give out surveys or polls to get people attention about what products they were selling. I left a comment saying I found this very interesting because all we do on social media is express how feelings all day long about politics, social media, products from all companies, and the government and before we were born it was hard to get people to openly express their feeling through social media like we do today.  Then I also stated that I have a blog about how social media is starting to affect our interpersonal relationship and left a link and they are currently following my blog as well.  I continued this same process for three more other blogs and now I have four new followers leaving me with a total of 19 people following my blog.

In conclusion, there are many ways to promote your blog you just need patience because this is a very time consuming period, and it can take longer than a week for people to actually take the time to go check your blog out and follow you.  The can key to blogging is to be patience and very accurate and people will most likely be drawn into your blog.  So promoting blogs are very time consuming but the end result of followers and comments makes up for it all at the end of that very long process of promoting my blog.

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How does Civil Disobedience shows up through Social Media?


Civil Disobedience has changed drastically over the past few decades. When I was a kid, civil disobedience was way to stand up for something that we felt strongly about. Civil disobedience could have been a nonviolent or violent type of behavior to make people aware about certain things. Most importantly it was a way to protest and change people views and opinions about a certain topic. One example of this would have been when Martin Luther King Jr. had a nonviolent protest about African Americans having the same rights as Caucasians. This was considered a nonviolent movement because he didn’t do anything besides state facts and his opinion about how he felt about civil rights. Now that you have a better understanding of civil disobedience as whole, the topic of this essay will be how does civil disobedience affects social media.

Social media is starting to help for protest in many ways. “Social media are tools that allow revolutionary groups to lower the costs of participation, organization, recruitment and training. But like any tool, social media have inherent weaknesses and strengths, and their twittereffectiveness depends on how effectively leaders use them and how accessible they are to people who know how to use the (Nevada State Personnel Watch).” This quote is very interesting in so many ways because now a day’s people use social media to vent about how they are feeling about things that we are supposed to keep private. For example, last year when it was time to vote for presidency everyone was all over social media sites saying vote for this person and don’t vote for this person causing controversy over the internet. It even got so serious where people where taking pictures of the ballots to post on social media so everyone can know who they voted for. I remember when I was growing up and my mom would tell me that voting is your own private business nobody needs to know who you are voting for because it wasn’t their business and now we are using social media to tell everything going on and how we feel about certain situations. Another example of us spreading our business is when we used social media sites to explain how we felt about the government shut down. There were people talking about how this could have been avoided and blaming people for the shut down and once again causing controversy.

faceCivil Disobedience shows up through social media for many reasons. First of all, it is our fault that it has been taken this far. Yes we have freedom of speech and we can post whatever we want on our social networking sites, but when we start to post stuff that should be our privacy causing controversy through others people on social media it brings more problems to the table. In my opinion this brings more problems to the table because if that stuff wasn’t said online for others to read and have a problem with they would have nothing to talk about or to have issues with. When we use these sites to cause issues that’s when we start, protesting about certain things that we are not ok with and voicing our opinion. For example when people express things that they disagree with like who is running for presidency and who fault it is that the government shut down we may not think about it that way, but this is a form of nonviolent protesting because we have issues with things happening in our government, but we are voicing how we feel about instead of taking action to join groups that have same opinion as us.

In conclusion, civil disobedience does show up in social media in ways that we don’t expect. If people we conscious about the things they post, and how it would affect other individuals social media would not be used as way of protest because we will join private groups or other clubs and association to express how they feel. I feel like some individuals like voicing their opinion through social media because they don’t know they are doing harm to other individuals, but when more than one person is commenting on one post and somebody disagrees and everyone else starts getting on their case even

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